Mineral Farmer's Market
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***Visit the Winter Farmer's Market at the VFW! 9-1, first and third Saturdays!***
News and Announcements
Winter Markets
(at the Mineral VFW)
  • January 7th, 9-2
  • January 21st, 9-2
  • February 4th, 9-1
  • February 18th, 9-1
  • March 4th, 9-1
  • March 18th, 9-1
  • April 1st, 9-1
  • April 15th, 9-1
Holiday Markets ~ Mineral Farmer's Market
Holiday Markets
Holiday Markets at MFM
We'll be hosting TWO Holiday Markets in December, on the 3rd and the 17th.
Expect most of the regular seasonal vendors, plus a handful of crafters!

The Holiday Markets will be at our regular location on the field at 81 Louisa Avenue in Mineral - be sure to follow our facebook page, especially the event.

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